Hobbing and Milling work

Hobbing is a machining process for gear cutting, cutting splines, and cutting sprockets on a hobbing machine, which is a special type of milling machine. The teeth or splines of the gear are progressively cut into the material (a flat, cylindrical piece of metal) by a series of cuts made by a cutting tool called a hob.

TGear hobbing is used in the making of virtually all types of gears, splines and sprockets. Speaking in very general terms, gear hobbing is used to impart accuracy. With CNC, machines have been able to produce gears and splines of sufficient accuracy post just one cut, such that gear hobbing is not always required

They’re often made from steel, which is hardwearing so it increases longevity. Sometimes they’re made from aluminium as it’s lighter, making it ideal for motorbikes or push bikes, however it does wear quicker than steel.

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